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Yesterday I had a mental breakdown. It came out of nowhere. One minute I was perfectly fine, and then the next, I just wanted to cry my eyes out. I realized that I was overwhelmed, and before I slipped into one of my moods, I just went to sleep. My daughter is in that “terrible two’s” stage and is on GO as soon as she opens her eyes! Some days it’s funny and others it’s very overwhelming, especially when you work from home. I needed a break.

Saying those words, “I NEED A BREAK,” tends to make moms feel guilty; why? Why is it that every time a mom expresses how she truly feels, she has to put a disclaimer out: “don’t get me wrong, I love my kids I will do anything for them but …” Why is it assumed that whenever we get tired or want to be a little selfish, we don’t love our kids?

I know firsthand in the black community that black moms are among the strongest beings on this Earth. We have everything against us, and we still manage to put on our armor every day and fight. Why is it look down upon if we have a weak day? We are conditioned to keep pushing, which means we don’t take the time to evaluate ourselves, our feelings, our mental health, and even our physical health. Our culture has taught us that there is no sense in dwelling on our problems, which is true, but they skipped over the part where we get help and SOLVE our problems instead of burying it.

I wanted to talk about the health of our minds today. October 10th was mental health awareness day, and in the black community, we are now aware of our mental health and are now accepted to seeking help. The sayings, “Black people don’t go to therapy!” “You’re not white!” are false narrative that we need to unlearn and relearn. We are humans too and deserves to be treated as such!

Here are a few posts I found on Instagram that I believe speaks volume ♥︎

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