Meet The Founder


Believer, Mom, Author

Shavanna (best known as Sav) is the CEO & Founder of Melanin Mom Co. MMCo was a spark that she believed God gave to her during her labor & delivery with her daughter, Saniya. With that spark and experiencing motherhood, Sav wanted a safe space for women of color to feel a sense of security, confidence, and acceptance. With many trials and errors, Sav decided to start a platform to build a sisterhood that encourages one another, share personal experiences, and support each other. 




Melanin Mom Co. is a community of powerful melanated women and moms who empower one another to exude themselves in their rawest most beautiful form. 


1. Every time you look up something "mom" related WITHOUT typing in "black" "colored" "melanin" the first thing that pops up is white moms. (Lack of representation)

2. The lack of quality care and the dismissal of concerns for melanin moms.

3. The lack of educating our community 

4. The alarming rate of BLACK MOM MORTALITY and lack of HEALTH EQUITY!

Where does Melanin Mom Co. comes in?

We come in to bring awareness, to educate and share our experiences, to help close the gap and promote health equity, to forming a strong community that advocates for us.